Intelligent Automation and Integration™
Created by Fox Financial Planning Network

Frustrated with trying to automate your technology and processes?
Genesis Smartware does it for you.


How you use technology is about to change!

Traditional integration that simply syncs data from one platform to another is no longer enough today. Genesis Smartware is a unified platform. It combines multi-channel integration, information capture, process management, dynamic workflow and analytics to simplify and streamline building intelligent applications. Without needing to modify any systems of record, you can design, process, develop and deploy applications—all on a single platform at a lower cost and more quickly.


Want to find out what true integration and automation means for your practice?


Integrate and automate legacy platforms with newer software, householding, process automation and more.

Technology Providers

For technology providers, see how Genesis Smartware will enhance your platform.

 “Genesis Smartware™ transforms how financial institutions, technology companies and advisory firms will interact, bringing business process management, integration and workflow automation capabilities to an advanced level.”   ~Deborah Fox of Fox Financial Planning Network.