Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Software



Genesis can integrate with any type of technology that has an API connection.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Our workflow engine will allow us to automate in a way that was not possible before.

Process Automation

Genesis has the ability ability to automate processes that were until now unattainable..

On-Premise or Hosted Saas

Can be easily deployed, installed and administered in any environment

Flexible and Scalable Architecture

Genesis provides the flexibility and scalability to provide an almost unlimited ability to customize a specific solution


Our software is in a highly secure environment. All data is encrypted and not stored on our servers. it remains on the technology you already use.

About Genesis

Here’s the story behind the development of Genesis. A couple of years ago, we had become very frustrated with the limitations of the workflows engines that were in the most popular industry CRMs. Each workflow engine has its own unique structure and associated features. Some run their workflows in a linear fashion, some branched, most cannot assign multiple tasks to be performed at the same time and advisors complain they are not intuitive or easy to set up. This required us to have to re-write our workflow templates separately for each CRM’s workflow engine to match its configuration.

Our Capabilities

  • Powerful Workflow Automation

  • Technology Integration

  • Compliance Automation

  • Process Automation

  • Data Transfer

  • Data Processing

  • Create Communication Between Legacy and New Systems

Now fast forward – Today we are celebrating the birth of Genesis Smartware™, a software application with a robust workflow engine that allows us to build workflows and procedures in the way we intended them to work. Genesis can facilitate the integration between technology solutions and then create the ability to remove manual, human steps from many daily tasks by incorporating advanced automation capabilities to achieve a high level of efficiency. Our workflow engine can be connected to almost any CRM (and other types of technology). We will be embedding our workflow/procedure templates into the software and integrating with the best in class technology companies to begin with.

The class of technology Genesis falls into is known as “middleware” which is a connector, translator and processor of digital information that allows various technologies to easily “speak” to and interact with one another. It also has a rules-based processor, which allows workflows to be seamlessly implemented, including the ability for multiple tasks to be triggered and worked on concurrently, and many times automatically. This software is not meant to compete with any other software or technology providers – it is meant to enhance them. Genesis works invisibly in the background and will allow other technologies to do more. You will have the ability to work much more efficiently from your dashboard of choice, usually provided by your CRM, and launch all of your daily tasks from there with a single sign-on.

"Our development team really understood the results I needed and created something even better! I know this is going to change the industry."

− Deborah Fox, Fox Financial Planning Network