Announcing Genesis Smartware

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Fox Financial Planning Network is very excited to announce the unveiling of our new software, Genesis Smartware™ which we believe has ability to boost your daily work efficiency to a whole new level by incorporating more technology integrations and workflow task automation in your chosen workspace environment. We believe this is the Holy Grail many of us in the financial services industry have been waiting for.

Here’s the story behind the development of Genesis. A couple of years ago, we had become very frustrated with the limitations of the workflows engines that were in the most popular industry CRMs. Each workflow engine has its own unique structure and associated features. Some run their workflows in a linear fashion, some branched, most cannot assign multiple tasks to be performed at the same time and advisors complain they are not intuitive or easy to set up. This required us to have to re-write our workflow templates separately for each CRM’s workflow engine to match its configuration.

In addition, our workflows and corresponding procedures could not be as functional as we envisioned because the workflow engine technology for our industry’s CRMs has not yet evolved enough. Workflow capabilities in other industries are much more sophisticated, especially when it comes to automation and the abilities for various technologies to integrate. With our expertise in workflow creation and management, we realized we needed to step up to the plate to create a solution to tackle these challenges.

Now fast forward – Today we are celebrating the birth of Genesis Smartware™, a software application with a robust workflow engine that allows us to build workflows and procedures in the way we intended them to work. Genesis can facilitate the integration between technology solutions and then create the ability to remove manual, human steps from many daily tasks by incorporating advanced automation capabilities to achieve a high level of efficiency. Our workflow engine can be connected to almost any CRM (and other types of technology). We will be embedding our workflow/procedure templates into the software and integrating with the best in class technology companies to begin with.

The class of technology Genesis falls into is known as “middleware” which is a connector, translator and processor of digital information that allows various technologies to easily “speak” to and interact with one another. It also has a rules-based processor, which allows workflows to be seamlessly implemented, including the ability for multiple tasks to be triggered and worked on concurrently, and many times automatically. This software is not meant to compete with any other software or technology providers – it is meant to enhance them. Genesis works invisibly in the background and will allow other technologies to do more. You will have the ability to work much more efficiently from your dashboard of choice, usually provided by your CRM, and launch all of your daily tasks from there with a single sign-on.

We believe this software is revolutionary – a positive disruptor for our industry – and will help technology companies in our industry rise to a whole new level of service capability and relevance. Genesis will also empower institutions and advisory firms to transform the way they operate. Our software will be offered initially through financial institutions and other enterprise relationships that will be able to facilitate integrations and collaboration.

We truly believe this software will, in the near future, allow you to bring the level of efficiency at your firm to levels you would never have thought possible before today. We will be posting a demo of some of Genesis’ capabilities very soon. The software has already been fully beta tested. It is ready to go.

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