Genesis Smartware™ is a sophisticated middleware software application developed for the financial services industry that runs invisibly in the background and serves as a connector and translator enabling various software applications to communicate with one another so that data can be securely and reliably passed between them. 

Middleware is electronic plumbing that connects two applications, processes data to format it so they are able to “speak” to one another and then passes data between them. Genesis, for instance, can solve the problems of old legacy systems not being able to communicate with more modern systems and platforms. 

Genesis enables financial institutions and individual advisory firms to custom design which combination of technology solutions they choose to utilize and connect together without worrying about how they will be able to connect and communicate back and forth. Genesis allows firms to automate many of their daily tasks with technology solutions to work more efficiently and profitably by taking over business process steps that no longer need a human to perform them. 

Genesis also makes available Fox Financial Planning Network’s (FFPN) highly regarded Workflow System. FFPN has a reputation of providing the most detailed and highly functional client services workflow templates in the industry. Through Genesis, the FFPN workflows can finally operate as they were designed to function with an unprecedented automation capability where human interaction for many daily tasks can be eliminated for maximum firm efficiency.

If you are an institution and would like to find out how Genesis Smartware can help solve your needs and provide a higher level of efficiency for you and your advisors, please Contact Us